Mission Statement

We educate cosmopolitains

The international education aims at developing cosmopolitan alumni with excellent certificates and graduation. Our students are able to successfully get in dialog with other languages und cultures.

Our students learn to understand global economic and cultural relation between different countries and are trained to find their place in a globalised economy.

Our students use their skills and knowledge for independently analysing and evaluating situations and for deducing conclusions for their own actions.

Our students take responsibility for their societal environment and will understand the need for sustainable action.


For all actions of our schools, of our students, of teachers and of parents we agree in the following guidelines:

We feel bound to the value of tolerance and of respect to other people. Therefore a central aim of our education are tolerant, respectful an courageous students.

We strongly co-operate with the parents and we foster will to work and work satisfaction in the educational process.

We are searching for excellence by continuously improving and enhancing our competences and educational abilities.

Educational goals

We offer our students to acquire important world languages and to use these languages in the respective cultural context.

We offer a course of education that is developing cosmopolitan alumni with excellent certificates and graduation. Our students will be able to continue their studies in all German, English, French and Spanish language universities of the world.


The Pierre Trudeau International School offers the academically most-promising youngsters a high-quality education. We are expecting that most of them will use the international perspective by continuing their studies abroad.

However, we are fostering and supporting networks amongst our students. That will keep them being a part of an international network.