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Since 2014 we have been participating in an international project that supports the intercultural exchange between China and Germany which is why a group of Chinese students are doing their A-levels at our school. They attend school regularly and attend the same subjects, according to the German school curriculum, together with their German classmates. This fosters an intercultural exchange of knowledge for both sides. 

Welcome to Ecole – International Grammar School Pierre Trudeau

Pierre Trudeau International Schools were established in 2000 by the Ecole association and is now managed by the ECOLE Foundation. That foundation acts as a maintaining body for the school.

The schools consist of an elementary school – Grundschule - as well as of a secondary  school – Gymnasium-. Today these schools offer a unique, internationally- oriented education primarily to German students.

This international education aims at developing cosmopolitan alumni with excellent certificates and graduation. Therefore, a comprehensive training in foreign languages as well as an exposure to global cultures is a major part of the daily school life. Students learn to understand global economic and cultural relations between countries and are trained to find their place in a globalised economy.

Since our school program is oriented towards the education of cosmopolitan and intercultural alumni, we provide a wide range of modern learning opportunities. French, English, Spanish and Chinese are focal foreign languages. About one third of the classes are held in foreign languages by qualified native language teachers from all over the world. Moreover, our school is very modernly-equipped. The Ecole secondary school provides Smartboards in most classrooms which gives both teachers and students the chance to learn by modern means that help to teach our students to handle and use modern communication systems and modern methods of working as well as teaching. Our natural science classrooms are also equipped with modern equipment and laboratories.

Due to the fact that the quality of a school does not solely depend on the equipment within the school, but also on its students and teachers, we are proud of our young, motivated and qualified teachers. Having been trained in different federal states of Germany and countries all over the world, our teachers have gained the necessary knowledge and experience to cope with today´s expectations of modern, cooperative and innovative lessons. We, as a school, place great importance on professionalism, qualification and friendliness which facilitates the development of a harmonious, professional and advanced teaching and learning atmosphere among teachers and students alike.

In order to keep up with teaching the individual we limit the size of our classes to a maximum of 27 students.

Regarding our everyday life we provide a modern and excellent cafeteria where students and teachers have their lunch every day. There students can find a vending machine for drinks and a water fountain to which they have access to throughout the entire day.  Our school has as well two big school yards. The smaller yard, where you can find a football field, a playground and some spots to relax, is for our classes from grade five to six whereas the bigger yard located in front of the school is reserved for grades seven through twelve.

    Bahnhofstrasse 27/28
    D-39179 Barleben

    Tel. +49 (0)39203 565-810
    Fax +49 (0)39203 565-829

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