Course of Education

German State Certified School

The Pierre Trudeau International Schools are certified by the German State. That means that this private schools offer an education and certificates fully compatible to those at German State Schools.

Follows German School Legislation

The Pierre Trudeau International Schools are organising their structure and their curriculum according to the German school legislation. That comprises also the general guidelines for school sujects.

State certified Teachers

Only those teachers may tutor students, who fulfil the high demands for being accredited by the German State School authorities. Therefore foreign teachers need to be certified by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). That procedure also ensures the qualification of teachers from abroad.

Controlled by Education Authorities

Amount and content of courses will be certified by the education authority. By a close dialog with education authority specialists, the school is further developing specific content of a unique internationally orientated education. Government authorities also take care of the economic viability of the ECOLE Foundation as the responsible scholl maintaining body.

Education fully compatible to German Type of School

As a result of continouos certificating and monitoring process, the Pierre Trudeau International Schools offer a course of education that is fully compatible to the classical German Abitur curriculum. That means that students of the Pierre Trudeau International School can easily change from their school to any other German School without any constraints.